Diamond Investment Fund

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Diamond Capital Fund (DCF) is an asset backed fund that invests and trades in high quality, polished and GIA certified diamonds. DCF is a sub fund of Capital Investment(SICAV), a licenced and regulated fund based in Malta under the MFSA. Established in 2011, DCF offers a unique investment and trading opportunity, promising long term capital appreciation from ethically sourced diamonds.

Emdico is the inventory service provider to this fund, enabling trading of the diamonds with international dealers and the jewellers within the UK.

DCF benefits from its strong relationships with both leading global diamond manufacturers and over six hundred retailers. The fund will increase liquidity in the diamond trade by being a cash buyer of diamonds as well as providing customers with access to its inventory with no upfront cost.


Investment Diamond Fund Monaco advises Monaco based clients on the purchase and sale of investment diamonds.


Solitaire Diamonds is a polished diamond and diamond jewellery company that offers investors the benefits of an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

Solitaire Diamonds was established in March 2013, and invests in high quality certificated diamonds and diamond jewellery from 1 carat plus, on the international market. Emdico manages the diamond and jewellery trading activities of Solitaire Diamonds. Its primary customers are Bond Street Retailers, independent county jewellers, and UK retail chains.